Little Faces of Halloween, Children's Read to Me Book, App, and Games

Little Faces of Halloween

Children's animated read to me story book and games

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Little Faces of Halloween Is a cute store with four little characters Persephone, Patrick, Pricilla, Peter and their little dog Jasper, who have fun little time trick or treating during Halloween. There are 3 games to be unlocked ( but first you have to find the secrete place to unlock them ). The entire store has animations everywhere in fact its kind of hard to find something that is not animated in this book. Remember to touch, touch, touch, and touch some more!! Several areas contain random actions giving a different feel to the kids each time.

Best Halloween Kids Apps, Read To me Story Animated Storybooks

  • Fun For Kids of all ages
  • Fully animated on every page
  • Includes 3 full length games
  • Includes other hidden features
  • IPAD, IPAD 2, IPAD 3, IPhone
  • Android, Galaxy S Tablets & Phones
  • Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD Tablets
  • NOOK, Nook Color, Nook HD, Nook HD+
  • Kids, Children's read to Me Story Books

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