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About TinyTappApps and Company - Formally DoubleSlahsDesign.com

Little apps but big thinkers - We may be creatting little apps for all kinds of things, but we always see the big picture in anything we do. Every time we do something for ourselves or with someone else. We have the ability to look beyond and see the real value of something.

The Master Mind - Larry
That's right he's a legend in his own mind, with over 25 years of software design and development under his belt, it's hard to believe anyone could ever match his skills ( at least that's what he tells us ).
Larry skills range from C/C++, .Net C#, .Net VB, LUA, and much more.

The Sorcerous - Colette
When there is something so technical and so frustrating that really needs to be done we pass the buck to this little lady, she uses her coding magic to create solutions that nobody has ever seen before.
This young lady has about 22 years of software design and development starting in Assembler, C/C++, .Net C#, VB, VB.net ( we could go on but we just dont have the time ).

The Hacker Extrodiner - Anand
There is no limit to how much code this guy can create, in fact we are really not sure if he even sleeps at night. With a Tablet in one hand and a keyboard in another he creates, test, writes code like there's no tomorrow.
Anands skills date back to the years of the mainframe ( you know when the earth was still forming ) his mad skill range from COBOL, JCL, .Net C#, .Net VB, and so much more.

Apps under development - Wouldn't you like to know. We could tell you but then, well you know the rest.

Please feel free to contact us with any app ideas you may have for joint development and ventures.